Because some of the properties of microfiber include breathability and comfort, it is widely used to make sportswear. Microfiber is increasingly popular in textile and clothing products, including bedding articles. Linens made with microfiber are comfortable, lightweight, soft and easy to maintain (wrinkle-free) and are nearly non-pilling. 

Lightweight and durable, the microfiber’s quality is measured by mass (gram per square meter - GSM). The higher the density, the stronger the product will be, albeit it will lose its breathability and lightness properties and become warm. Using the right GSM for a given product is therefore essential. That's why we, at WAGA, have selected a 90-GSM microfiber; it is, in our opinion, the best microfiber quality for sheets.

When it comes to synthetic fibers, microfiber is the top of the line. In terms of quality and comfort, there simply is no comparison with any other fabric you’ve seen before.