About us

About us

WAGA designs, manufactures and distributes bedding items directly to its consumer via the Web, at the best price for everyone.

WAGA is the coming together of two Canadian business people: Suzanne Morin, who is passionate about fabric and decor, and Serge Laframboise, a newly retired textile specialist. They are a couple in life and partners in business.

Like many companies, WAGA is also the fruit of human relations, business encounters, life experiences and, most importantly, of an outstanding trusting relationship between two cultures—Canada and China.

Having always had a soft spot for China and the Chinese, Serge has developed multiple partnerships and solid friendships with this still relatively unknown country and its population over the past fifteen years.

A few months after starting his retirement, Serge got a call from China and the idea sprouted of a real partnership with a Chinese plant, Nantong IVY Home Textile Co, in order to eliminate as many intermediaries as possible between the plant and the consumer and offer A FAIR PRICE FOR ALL: the Chinese workers, the plant, WAGA, and especially you, the consumers.

WAGA is not only a manufacturer, but a distributor as well. You can therefore purchase your bedding directly from the WAGA website.